Thursday, May 28

addition to the 'i could live here' list

so i went and looked at 1262 S Conwell this afternoon, and now there are officially two on my 'considering' list. although they've updated some of the inside - like redoing the hardwood floors in some of the rooms - it has old appliances and still needs a lot of work. so, i'm hoping maybe their $167 price tag is negotiable. the thing it's really got going for it is the yard, which is spacious and well-kept, with nice lawn space in the back for living and for a dog to exercise. it was just listed several days ago, so we'll see what they think. the garage is also a nice size, and my truck could fit.

1 comment:

  1. Oh good, I'm glad that one is a possibility. I like anything with a porch. And that fence would be nice for the dog. and a big tree!