Sunday, June 24

Things ahead

Late last night, while I was waiting for my rhubarb cobbler to bake, I was browsing Pinterest and came across this quote from C.S. Lewis, so I paired it with a photo in my files from almost two years ago.

This is the North Portal Road in north/northeast Fremont County. You wouldn't think it to look at the photo, but just as you top that far hill you can see spread out beneath you a lush, green irrigated valley, full of crops that include alfalfa, dry beans and corn. At the moment the name of the valley escapes me, but it's a neat area you'd never know was there unless you took the time to drive through this empty sagebrush country.

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Saturday, June 23

I do still exist!

At least in real life, if I haven't existed online in this blog for quite some time. You see, having a little person to look after adds a lot of responsibilities that take a lot of time, and between that and looking after the paper, which was my other baby, something had to go - and it was this blog.

However, I am pleased to announce that the 'other' baby, the paper, no longer exists in my life. Therefore, perhaps this blog can have a space again. :-)

Currently it's 10:30 p.m., and Levi is asleep in his room downstairs. We got back in from the ranch, where we went to have dinner and visit, about an hour and a half ago. My husband Scott is still at the ranch because our branding will start first thing tomorrow morning. I have a rhubarb cobbler for tomorrow in the oven, and that is the only reason why I am not downstairs joining Levi in sound sleep.

It has been hot the last few days, and NOAA predicts it will be 100 tomorrow when all is said and done, so here's hoping we can get going with branding, and everything goes smoothly, so everything can be finished before the heat really hits.

Today I had our friend Jamie's kids with me here at the house, and we worked on staining the new porch that we built several weeks ago. The porch is a lot bigger, with room for furniture, and I love the color of the stain we picked out. It's perfect for the house, and ties in really nicely with the brick and terra cotta accents we already have going on. I will post photos as soon as the stain job is done - we had to quit at noon because it was just getting too hot outside to continue.

Oh, and for those of you who may not know yet, we are expecting another baby! I'm 18 weeks along, and feeling a lot of movement now. The due date is Nov. 14, with a scheduled c-section.

So, we continue to be very busy around here, and I look forward to what the rest of this year and the future hold for us as our little family begins to grow! Hopefully I will, indeed, have the time to keep the blog posted on the news.