Monday, May 25

apple muffins, hummus and country music

who else thinks we should have memorial day more often?

today is rainy and chilly here in casper, and that suits me just fine because i've spent my day cleaning, baking and generally putzing around my apt, which really needed to be done. a lot of things get neglected nowadays - now that i have a social life.

so far i've made apple muffins with an apple that needed to be used and hummus with chick peas i had sitting on my shelf in the fridge.

i've started pulling together the further documents for house financing. that's right - thinkin bout buyin a house near casper. who woulda thought? so now my desk is an array of pay stubs, loan info, loan officer business cards and sheets of paper with sums six digits long. scary stuff.

talked to friend griff this morning and he said the place next to him - 20 acres, house and shed - sold for $70,000 recently. why didn't i get on this sooner and get that place? i was just looking at it the other day when i drove out there to get his carpet cleaner and thought to myself, 'self, that's the kind of place you need to look at buying. nothing fancy, just nuts and bolts, but something you can add to.' oh well. probably better to not be neighbors with griff, anyway. we'd prob end up fighting over the fenceline. :-)

the weekend branding was fun. not hard work, mostly just relaxing with a little bit of work thrown in. i came back with one serving of potato salad and one brownie, so that worked out just right. it was cold, tho. i shoulda thrown in my heavy carhartt coat. instead i just brought the carhartt jean jacked i picked up for $20 in cheyenne at sierra trading post outlet and it was just barely enough.

oh, and i tested out sleeping in the back seat of my truck with it folded down flat, and that worked real nice. just laid out my sleeping bag and pillows and it was quite cozy. out of the wind and rattlers, too.

new roommate kassi showed up about 1 today. she's got her stuff moved into my old room and link the naughty cat saw to it that he helped. lexus the good cat just continued to nap on amanda's bed.

so the rest of today i'm just hangin around listening to my favorite country music, cookin and organizing. not a bad one at all. trying to get friend dejoe to go with me to the new terminator movie, but he's working on the axles on his camper trailer and i haven't heard back from him on that one....

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  1. Wait a have a new roommate? Where did you get her? Man, we need to talk more. And she's in your room? Where are you sleeping? Are you getting a house that soon? I'm confused. Is your dad taking Link home when he comes?