Wednesday, May 27


today is the day i go to look at my first houses with a realtor. she sent me a link with a handful of listings last night, and some of them look really cute, like something i could settle into and fix up just like i want.

i think i'm giving up on my idea of an acreage, especially after talking with friend rick last night at church. he's an old farrier from town, and he said he's been looking for an acreage, too, but hasn't found anything that was worth paying so much money. and he's right. it's ridiculous how much money people ask for sand and sagebrush. and i'd end up still feeding hay to my horses hay 365 days probably, too, because the ground wouldn't be able to support them. so maybe i'm better off leaving them on the good grass pasture at gallas's, where i board, and purchasing a cheaper house in town that would leave money enough in my budget to continue paying board. the best grass in this country is between town and the mountain, but that's also where all the rich people like to live, so there's no way i could get a place there.

but anyway, the next step is going to look at places here in town, so we're moving right along in this process. my financing is already in place; the response i got from both lenders i talked to was my credit's good and my debt's low so they'll give me as much money as i ask for.

maybe if i figure out how to post photos on here i'll put some up from the tours this afternoon.

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