Thursday, June 11

rain, rain, GO AWAY

today is the 1239874588749 cloudy day in wyoming with mist and rain showers. here's an excerpt from governor dave:

"as i fly over the state, i’ve decided i’m not the governor of the wyoming i know, but i've been transplanted and i'm suddenly the governor of ireland. i guarantee there’s grass between here and shoshoni, and in the red desert. whenever there’s a drought all of you come and pound me in the chest, then when it rains everybody says praise the lord. There’s an inequity in that," he joked.

the last two days i've spent listening in on the conference entitled "building the wyoming we want" - a gathering of the state's leaders to bring a central and unified focus to the direction in which wyoming will move through economy and population shifts, among other things. most of it was actually pretty interesting, and i like being in on things like that instead of being a part of the general public's casual ignorance.

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