Monday, June 1

planting flowers, a trip to colorado

yesterday was another beautiful summer day. i got up early and cleaned up my apt a little bit, then took a little nap before planting all the flowers i bought at the greenhouse saturday morning. i spent $60 on them, but they sure look nice. i don't have the photos on my computer yet, but i'll post some later. the cats also enjoyed being outside and helping me get it done.

after flowers i cleaned some more and putzed around, went to bed, bath and beyond in the mall to get a belt hanger and to ross to browse around. i ended up buying a yellow blanket, some pillow cases and a really cute owl i couldn't resist that's ceramic and has holes in it for a votive candle to shine through.

then, while i was planting my flowers i dismantled my satellite dish so i took it out to jake's place because his cattle keep rubbing on his and it's beat up, i guess. if one goes to visit jake, you better either have a real good reason you gotta leave and go somewhere, or have all the time in the world. turns out i had all the time in the world, so i stood by while he doctored and trimmed a green horse and then we saddled up and went riding in his family's pasture to the west.

so, because i was too busy enjoying the day, i canceled my hotel room in loveland for last night, deciding to get up early and drive down this morning for a meeting starting at 9. my alarm went off at 3:30 a.m., but i didn't get up until just about 4. i got up and showered, dressed, ran over and got the roundup's chevy blazer and was on my way out of town by 4:33.

now i sit at 'the ranch,' the larimer county fairgrounds, just north of loveland, colo. also at my table are wyo state vet walt cook, wyo brand commissioner lee romsa, wyo livestock board intern ashley and a woman with wyo farm bureau. this meeting pertains to the national animal identification system, and whether or not it should be mandatory and what it should look like. many ranchers are pretty upset about it. in our discussion throughout the last hour waiting for the meeting to start, romsa said this: 'it's like arguing over the color of a barn when the barn's on fire.'

so that's going to be my day. i'm headed back to casper this afternoon.

this is a photo of what i saw when i turned onto the event center fairgrounds, and an indication of rancher sentiment:

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