Monday, July 13

found it

my little camera, that is. and i was just in best buy on saturday contemplating the $200 for a new one, (and how i just spend $300 for my window tint and $120 on my horses' feet) and i just knew that once i bought one i'd find my old one. turns out it was in my saddlebags, in my horse trailer. robert and i went riding with blue roan horse scooter and bay horse april on casper mountain yesterday afternoon, and that's when i found it. (you can tell how often i actually use my saddle) however, it is broken, and i don't know if it was the heat or being knocked around, but the lcd screen now has issues. it seems to still take photos just fine, so i spose i'll hold off on the new one. although there was the prettiest solid red 10 mp canon powershot for $250. it's kinda on my wish list now...

i didn't do a whole lot all weekend, mostly stay out late friday and saturday nights and then putz/nap the next days. the county fair was in town, you know, and there was a prca rodeo for several of the nights. although i never made it to the rodeo, i did meet friend stuart's friend wasey friday night, who was in town to ride broncs and headed to the sheridan wyo rodeo the next day, then saturday night the beacon was pretty crowded with pro rodeo cowboys cause it was the last night of the rodeo and they weren't competing anymore. that night i ended up dancing a lot with friend casey's friend jd, who lives on a ranch north of casper between midwest and kaycee. he's a good dancer, and i have to admit i was a little worn out by the end of the night. a couple times i found myself wondering if i could keep it up through the fast songs. :-) i danced with a texan cowboy for one dance, too, and that was pretty fun, after i forgave him the fact he was from texas. it was hot in there, though. all of us who were dancing were quite damp. :-P

before going out saturday night i went over to casey's because he'd asked if i wanted to come over to share grilled elk steak. 'if there's hair in it, it's my fault for not cleaning it well enough before we packaged it,' he says. ah, the wyoming way of doing things....

i decided i don't really like pro rodeo cowboys, though. they're not very friendly and they don't dance and they all just stand there and talk to each other. except the one texan. he danced. but give me local ranch kids any day, i much prefer them.

friend natasha was also out at the beacon saturday night, and it was good to see her again cause it'd been a couple months. we had fun playing pool and catching up. with a little more practice i think i might actually be competitive at that game. my pool lessons from pipeliner dave last winter have really paid off.

and now it's monday morning and my last possible day to finish up work on state fair edition editorial, and today is new coworker marcy's first day, the woman who's replacing coworker andrea. she's very nice, and we all like her a lot. and she has two horses that she's going to get from colorado, where she moved from, and board out at galles's where mine are, so that will be fun to ride with her/convenient cause she can feed for me when i travel. ;-)

but, i better get to work on state fair. tracy called me yesterday wondering where the rest of the stuff was. oops.

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