Friday, July 31

i loaned out my trailer...

...and had to borrow another one. at the time i agreed to loan mine out, i didn't think i'd be takin my horses anywhere, but i should know better than that. so now i'm borrowing robert's livestock trailer, and his hitch, since new coworker marcy and her husband didn't have one for their pickup. i had to run around picking up that stuff, and going to the courthouse to get a new plate for the livestock trailer since robert hadn't renewed it yet.

and now amanda's going to come chase cows with us, so i'm going to take scooter, too. it crossed my mind, but at the time i didn't think i'd need it, to get the extra tack out of the nose of my trailer before marcy left...oh well. i'll have to get robert's saddle from him, too. i feel like a mooch. i shouldn't loan my own stuff out. :-P i've got a lot of work in putting it all together so i can be independent. at least i didn't loan my truck out.

so in another hour tops i'll be headed out of the office to get the livestock trailer, which is on the west end of town, and load the horses. i'm just going to have them stand in the trailer while i work at church. i better stop and throw a bunch of hay in there so they keep happy. (last night link had to sit in the pickup and wait for me to leave the beacon, but there was a blanket in there and i brought him out a chip so he was happy.)

straightaway after finishing at church i'm going to head west out of town for the 40-mile drive (on dirt road and across nine cattle guards, according to friend scott's directions) to the association. i suppose i'll be leavin town about 9:30, but for me that's better than getting up at 3 tomorrow morning to get things loaded and to the ranch by 5.

somewhere in there, if i have time, i need to iron my jeans and shirt and shower. i bought a new shirt at lou taubert's yesterday that i think i'll wear if i have time to starch it.

and today church boss don called and asked if i'd have time to clean the church offices sometime tonight or when i'm workin tomorrow.....i told him i'd get it done.....not sure when that's going to be yet. maybe i can do it sunday afternoon. yes, i'm getting back into town mid-afternoon tomorrow to work at church again, then as soon as i'm done there i'm headed to glenrock to celebrate it up at deer creek days the rest of the night.

it's a full weekend, but i like it that way. feels like i'm not wasting any opportunities, and when i have just me to worry about, i can schedule things however i want and whenever and wherever i want. for now i am perfectly content to not have anybody else to work around.

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