Wednesday, July 1

the simple luxuries of life

like a 20 oz hazelnut latte from metro coffee in downtown casper early on a cool summer morning. for some reason i've been very ambitious of late and i wake up at 6 and am ready to head to the office by 7:30 at the latest, so this morning as i was driving out to work the hankering for coffee struck me and i stopped by metro. it's wonderfully tasty.

other than that there's not a whole lot going on. the paper's a day ahead this week because the printer wanted to go to press tomorrow and take friday off. still not sure what my july 4th weekend will look like, but it appears to be shaping up with a lot of work. there's a new house i'm going to start cleaning - pays $100/week - and i'm going over there with friend kelly on saturday and she's going to start showing me how to do it before transferring it over. looking forward to another $400 a month. altogether, pretty soon i'm going to make more money from my odd jobs than my full-time job. :-P or at least the equivalent of another full paycheck each month. i like it that way, though. being diversified is good.

taking my truck in tomorrow to get the windows tinted all the way around, so that's pretty exciting. i've been wanting to do it for the last three months, at least, so yesterday i finally just made the appointment. it's kind of expensive, but it's a lifetime guarantee and he'll fix it if it scratches or peels. this way it'll be done before our camping trip in a couple weeks. me and the guy decided on a five percent tint on the back window and 15 percent on the sides, so it'll be pretty dark but it'll look pretty dang cool. :-) and people won't be able to see me when i'm sleeping in there, and it'll stay a lot cooler in the summer sunshine.

my plan for after work today is riding my horses, washing my truck (and maybe waxing. it's due) and cleaning the roundup office. that should take up the greater part of the evening. ok or not. roommate manda wants me to help her weed and fertilize out at jake's. i think i'm supposed to run interference. :-)

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