Tuesday, August 25

the bitter end

another offering from amy dalley, with which i identify:

We both know what’s happening
But we’re frightened of the truth
We both know letting go
Is the hardest thing to do
We could hang onto the past
Or we could set each other free
There’s nothing but wounded pride and tears
At the dark end of the street

Let’s not go there
Let’s remember
Something good about the way we were
We need some mercy
From all this hurting
Don’t you think that’s what a broken heart deserves
There’s a place I don’t want to get to
I don’t want to go to the bitter end with you

We both know the answer
We’ve avoided it so long
We’re not meant to be together
We’re just fools to linger on
When we only cause each other pain
And the fight is all we know
Disappointment surely waiting down that old familiar road

Let’s be kind while we have the chance to
I don’t want to go to the bitter end with you

so i told the him that if he's not married by 40 we'll get married - that leaves seven years. we made a deal that i'd get him a custom bit and he'd get me a pretty bay roan gelding for wedding gifts. doesn't sound like too bad of a deal to me. :-)

this is what my wedding gift gelding would look like:

isn't he perfect?

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  1. Requirement #1 in any boyfriend and therefore husband material is that he is a Christ follower. If that answer is yes, then I say go for it.