Monday, August 10

a full and fun wyoming weekend

this was my weekend, beginning thursday evening:

1) meet up with roommate a after some shopping on cody's main street for a while and purchasing a few things
2) roommate a, me and her coworker meet up with random facebook friend k for dinner at japanese restaurant in cody
3) we spend some time at cody's silver dollar saloon
4) attend the rest of the game and fish commission meeting friday morning
5) drive back to casper, stopping for a bite to eat in thermop
6) work more at roundup office
7) meet up with friend mexican martinez and others for happy hour
8) go to work at church; load my horses in mexican martinez' trailer, hook onto my trailer on a short break from church when he was headed out of town
9) finish at church at 10:30, go to the beacon
10) have a few beers, one of which was bought by roommate a's bf's business partner, which we found out in the conversation that followed. random.
11) hit the gravel road for the association about 11, arrive at assoc about 45 min later
12) commence to drink whiskey and b.s. in the bunkhouse until who knows when.....
13) woke up way too early by a too enthusiastic 'good morning' and saddled and loaded horses
14) arrived at pathfinder ranch for breakfast before 8
15) rest of the day sat around on horses, competed on horses, raced horses till 4 p.m.
16) enjoyed prime rib dinner, live band and dance
17) 8:30 went back to assoc, loaded horses in my own trailer and headed back to casper
18) kick horses out to pasture, drive to apt, go straight to bed
19) wake up at 6 to go to work at church at 7, until 1 p.m.
20) an hour off to eat lunch, then head to douglas to the state fair ranch rodeo at 3
21) take photos at ranch rodeo till 5:30, head back to casper
22) shower, head to friend c's for steak at 7
23) head over to cowboy's to celebrate my third year in wyoming and give bartender g a hard time
24) midnight, head back to my place

it was one of those weekends where i did so much that it seemed really long. i should be more tired than i am. now i have two days in the office, then wed spent at state fair, from which i'll head to laramie after the roundup's picnic that evening for a meeting on wind energy thurs/fri.

these are the people with whom i went to pathfinder, from far horse: eddy, mexican martinez, bob, dorothy and mutton marshal.

mexican martinez and i have an arrangement for dinner saturday evening (i don't think it's a date, but i haven't clarified that one yet.....he says it's on him to celebrate my three years in the state). oh, and old iowa friend a and i are going to hang out thurs evening when i'm in laramie. we all know what happened last time i spent a night in laramie............. :-P

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