Sunday, August 23


yesterday i was back from sister's at pinedale for nary an hour, enough time to shower and haul stuff in, before heading out the door to meet friend k for steak at the beacon. (yep, more steak. my diet is not lacking in red meat and i'm doing my part to increase beef markets.) k had a crisis and wanted to meet and talk over dinner.

then, of course, i didn't leave the beacon until after 2 a.m. several good friends were there, and roommate a showed up (very stressed from meeting bf's parents). last night was the night of clingers. seriously. one latched on when i was even still eating my dinner. i went over to some friends who were playing pool and told them i might have to leave cause this guy was following me around. one of them, nice guy that he is, rescued me continually for the rest of the night along with another guy friend and they helped me out whenever creepy/strange/awkward guys would come and try to ask me to dance. it's nice to have guys to look after things like that.

anyway, the night didn't end until after 4 a.m. because of an 'after party' at a restaurant here in town, fireside. the owner invited me and four friends to come over. he opened the bar and let us have whatever we wanted and we played pool and burned another several hours there. by the time i'd dropped two of them off i could see the beginnings of a sunrise.....

so today i slept. a long time. then i went out to check on my horses, whom i hadn't seen in a week. i caught jazz and gave her another lameness test, and she's sound! that means this friday's farrier appt will include resetting april's shoes and putting them on jazz (i was going to put them on robert's mare scooter). i'm going to drylot and exercise her this week to take some weight off and get her in shape for some trips coming up in the wind rivers.

when i was heading back to town from the pasture friend c got a hold of me and i ended up going over to his place, chillin for a few then heading to cowboys, where we bs-ed for a while. my willpower is intact this week, and that's why it's 9:53 and i'm back at my apt and ready to head to bed.

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