Friday, September 4

lately i've been doing a lot with photoshop, and with pioneer woman's photoshop actions she's made available for download. i love them because they give me a basic effect to start with, then i go in and adjust until the photo looks like i want it to. one of my favorites is called 'old west' and it suits most of my photos very well. i've even started getting requests for prints, so maybe i can turn my hobby into a money-maker???? we'll see about that.

this is mexican martinez chasing cows with ferris mountain to the south. independence rock, the oregon trail landmark, is just to the right of where the photo ends, and also devil's gate and split rock. the oregon and mormon trails run straight through where we were moving cattle that day. the mormons are very fond of reenacting the journey, and often you'll see little footprints and wooden wagon wheel tracks from their handcarts in the dirt road coming out from casper.

this is some effects applied to one of my favorite photos - me and my dad looking east over the wind rivers, still covered in quite a bit of snow in mid-june. they never really melted out all summer long, which is an excellent thing for wyoming's water supplies.

in other happenings, i made an offer on a fourth house last night. it's a twin home, with hardwood floors downstairs, ceramic tile in the upstairs bathrooms, three bed, two and a half bath, two-car garage and an oversized lot at over 8,000 square feet. all the woodwork is solid pine, but not the cabin-looking pine, a more dark, westerny look, which suits me just fine. a sliding glass door to the back, big windows, a fireplace and a widescreen tv already mounted on the wall. black appliances in the kitchen, and the flat-top range is situated in a island and faces the living area, which is great for cooking when guests are over. it's still under construction, but we walked through and there are photos of a finished one online. it's really classy, and in my price range. didn't really want a twin home, but it's on the very corner of the development, and has the big lot, and unobstructed views of the mountain to the south and a grassy rangeland to the north. and a walking/bike path runs right to the east of the yard. another bonus is it'd be easy to sell should i decide to move somewhere else.

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