Wednesday, October 28

a choice

so, last week my boss d said that i could either go to a meeting in jackson for three days, or go out and help rancher billy wean his calves yesterday.

i chose to stick around casper and help wean the calves.

so that's where i was all day yesterday. i met up with rancher billy's son r at 6:30 and rode out with him and two other men to the ranch, where the cows had been gathered into a smaller pasture the day before. we sorted cows from calves, loaded the calves and headed back to the farm near town, where we at lunch and took a break and then went out to vaccinate and pour-on the 280 calves. we finished shortly after 4, and by then it was snowing.

yes, we're under yet another winter storm warning. and it's not even november yet. at least today isn't weaning/vaccinating day. i had gone prepared with my muck boots and coveralls, but didn't wear them. just a hooded sweatshirt, silk scarf, carhartt vest and coat with my wonderful black felt hat.

(rancher billy's daughter l, when we went in the house for lunch, said 'that hat looks really good on you.' i had to share that with the him, who gave me the hat in the first place.)

speaking of the him, he brought me two sets of silver earrings from cody, where he'd been guiding deer hunters for several days. one set is round with a texas star in the middle, and the others are small hearts. unfortunately for him, he doesn't know hearts aren't really my thing, but it was such a sweet thought i will wear them. when i'm out with him. :-) i really like the star ones.

today i'm back in the office, finishing up two articles and moving on. soon i will start scheduling my winter cattlemen's articles in goshen county.

another ongoing project this week is three flapper dresses for myself, roommate a and her friend n. they're going pretty well, i have my dress and a's put together. need to cut out and put together n's tonight. and then figure out how i'm going to go about placing and attaching all the rows of fringe. roommate a tried hers on last night and it looked really good on her. i don't know if it's that i'm an excellent seamstress or she just has an easy body to dress. probably the latter. :-)

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