Friday, October 16

not a lot

well there hasn't really been a lot going on around casper, except for working and snowing and the usual.

this was my truck the morning the snow was just beginning. we ended up with quite a bit over several days. plenty of packed ice on the roads, and cold. very cold.

but then it started to warm up again, and a passing cloud one evening as i was driving home from the office gave casper a wonderful rainbow.

and the him, one day in the midst of the *fiasco* brought me beer and roses after work. both served to cheer me very much. :-)

and this is what my computer looks like when i'm editing photos in my downtime at the office. that's parker, when he and holly were here visiting.

other than that, last night the him and i went to red lobster for all you can eat shrimp, i'm leaving the office shortly to meet my farrier rick - wondering if i'll end up making another lemon meringue pie - and then head out to the association with jazz. tomorrow will be the first time i've ridden my new saddle since it became mine! and the first time it's been on one of my horses.

i have three horses here right now - my sister m's mare dixie is still with me. i was supposed to take her home to iowa this weekend, but that trip got called off because the purpose of the trip was to harvest and it's been raining. so now i may have dixie with me until christmas, we'll see. jazz is still scheduled to go to winter range oct. 30, as far as i know. what i do know is i need more hay, because bales have been going random places right and left - mutton marshall, horse friend r, dixie.... maybe next week if the ground dries out i can get that done.

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