Thursday, October 22

out last night

last night i was minding my own business, cleaning the roundup office, when roommate a texted and said she was goin to happy hour, so of course i agreed to join her at the beacon. it ended up being more than an hour, more like a happy evening, or happy night. i guess i didn't leave too late - around 10. but it ended up being roommate a, cowboy friends j and c, and friend k, and steer wrestling friend z...anyway, a good group of us, and it was fun to sit around and b.s. bartender crystal was working, and she's well-liked by everybody.

the him was coming back into town late with his hunters that he's guiding while deer and antelope hunting, so i went out to my truck to check my phone, which was plugged in. while i was standing there looking at it some idiot backed his truck right into mine! couldn't believe it. but, thanks to the heavy-duty grill guard, there wasn't a bit of damage.

and i woke up this morning to a bottle of knob creek kentucky bourbon on my kitchen was the one jake swiped off the bar cause crystal set it there and forgot about it....great, we're now storing contraband, and contraband that i don't even like to drink!

but it was a good evening. one of those normal, commonplace ones that all combine together and add up to a lifetime. it's the kind of evening i like best.

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