Monday, November 23

a few more things...

i forgot to mention that, after spending the night on friend j's couch, i found myself bumping back over the three miles of two-track in the same semi, but this time with friend j in a bathrobe. oh, the random moments there are to be encountered.

and also, while talking to friend D at cowboys earlier that morning, he was talking to me about women and how he doesn't have one, and we were talking about how friend G got screwed over by his latest. and he says to me - and he only said this because he'd been drinking - 'G and i were talking the other day, about women screwing around, and i said to him, you know there's one girl who'd never do that, and neither of us have a chance with her anymore.' and G says, 'you mean christy?'

and i was relieved. and it was rewarding. because i try so hard to be different and to do what i know i need to do. and i've gotten screwed over and hurt despite that. but those guys, they do notice. they may not realize it before they go and do something to hurt me and end things. but they look back and see it. and that makes being a 'good girl' worth it.

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