Thursday, January 14

3 a.m.

that's what time i got in to the hotel room yesterday morning after a night of socializing. needless to say, i was tired on the drive back to casper yesterday afternoon.

assist editor h and i were able to pull off media passes for the pbr, after all, so we went and watched that performance tuesday evening. following that we stopped at the grizzly rose - denver's interpretation of a 'country' bar - which is right near our hotel, for a while. there really wasn't a lot going on there, and a lot of city people doing what they call swing dancing. i guess there is a difference after all between western swing and everyone else's swing. there were a few cowboys there dancing, but i didn't get to dance with any of them.

we went back to our hotel and stopped by that bar - teddy's, it's called. it was quite full that night, esp compared to monday night. we hung around there for a while, and she went to bed because she was the one doing interviews in the morning. i stuck around, and before i knew it the lights came on and they were kicking us out.

so i rode upstairs to the second floor, which happened to be the 'afterparty' floor as well. our room was kitty corner from the most crowded room - full of bull riders, mostly. the people i was with convinced me to hang around for a bit, and i finally called it quits at 3. too much whiskey and not enough sleep.

and, as much fun as two girls can have for two nights and two days in denver, it was a relief to leave the city behind and come back to the open, empty spaces of wyoming. the city's fun, but in small doses.

and now, since we didn't really work the last two days, there's a lot of catching up to do as far as writing for this week's paper goes.

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