Tuesday, January 26

for those of you snowed in...

i've heard about the monster drifts in iowa, and how interstate 35 was closed from the missouri border clear north into minnesota, and how my brother rescued several travelers just in the five miles between my parents' house and his. so, on your 2394875298672039485 day off from school and work today - projects!

i thought this photo jar idea was neat, and was contemplating whether i could get photos to work out in the many whiskey bottles i have, especially the fireball cinnamon whiskey ones, which are pretty wide and flat.

and what better thing to do snowed in than crochet pretty washcloths with leftover yarn? this project makes me want to get my crochet hooks back out. and remember how to crochet. :-)

and these interiors i came across, i like the big mirror at the end of the dining table that makes the space seem a lot bigger.

and who couldn't use more bathroom/wardrobe/shoe/accessory storage?

all of these photos came from the lovely design*sponge block, which is linked at right.

keep warm, you iowans.

p.s. it's clear and calm and sunny and dry and warm in casper today.

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