Thursday, January 28

wednesday dinner

yesterday the him was talking about how he was craving cucumber salad, so i was looking for a recipe to make and it turned into a full meal.

i didn't have my little red camera in the apt, so the web photos will have to suffice for you to get the picture.

summery tomato and cucumber salad:

my salad was minus black olives because, although they're a favorite for me, they're not for the him, so i had to leave them out.

green apple, bacon and cheddar sandwiches:

i had never tried the apple/cheddar pairing before, but i know it's a common combination so i decided to go for it in these sandwiches. i used those new little whole wheat flatbread sandwich rounds that they sell now, and it was nice because then we didn't fill up on a whole bunch of bread and they're 100 calories each.

roasted tomato basil soup:

this recipe features fresh-roasted tomatoes, and it actually worked out well because i got them roasting and prepared everything else, and by the time that was done they were ready to go.

i also prepared whole wheat pizza dough for roommate a last night, because she asked about making calzones with my dough recipe, and i told her it should work just fine but perhaps i should handle the yeast. i could imagine that not turning out well.... so anyway the dough turned out perfect and light and fluffy and elastic. made me want to make it into a pizza. but she came by and picked it up after i'd wrapped it and put it in the fridge and she's making calzones tonight, i guess, for her new house people.

all three recipes were pretty good - the him really liked the sandwiches, so good thing i have six rounds left to make more. :-)

here are the recipe links -

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  1. Yeah, those sandwiches look amazing. The cafe has a sandwich like that that I love.