Friday, February 12

birthday dinner

because the fire rock restaurant no longer has my favorite appetizer, and because i didn't feel like dressing up and going somewhere fancy, and because i felt like kicking back and relaxing, the him and i went to the beacon for dinner last night.

after work yesterday i went and took my april horse out for some exercise, then met up with the him and we went over to the beacon to meet friends griff, clayton, jamie and kelly. friend heather arrived a bit later, and nothing much exciting happened, just dinner and drinks and visiting and catching up - just what i wanted. i was home and asleep by 9:30.

and today i got up with the intention of arriving at riverton for the farm and ranch days by 10, but i think i actually got here about 11. i just had no ambition to wake up and leave by 6:30 this morning to get here when it started at 9, then it took a bit to get a latte for my drive, then i went in and visited with the office people a little bit, then i forgot my laptop at the apt. by that time i was so far past my ideal departure time that i stopped to fill with fuel and wash the blazer - something i've been meaning to do for about two months now.

this afternoon i'm headed to lander to stay with my sister melissa, whom i haven't seen since we got back from our iowa christmas trip. the him was going to come and stay with us for the evening, but due to work delays today he will show up in lander first thing tomorrow morning to take us to breakfast before he and i head to cody. i'm looking forward to seeing my sister's little house - she's sent me a few photos and it's small but looks like she's got it set up well.

but for the moment i'm still here in sessions, on the fourth of five for the day. this morning was enterprise costs, lunch was a study on the wind river glaciers, which was really interesting, then i just came from winter horse nutrition, which also had some useful information - beyond the basics and right now i'm in the biodiesel section. in wyoming there's a lot of speculation about using oilseed crops like canola, camelina and sunflowers since they grow well in the hot dry climate, especially in the big horn basin.

the last session i'll attend is another horse one, new directions in horse care, so i'm curious as to what he'll have to say. it's a local vet giving the presentation. done at 4, gotta pick up the roundup booth, then i'm free for the weekend.

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