Thursday, February 11

a birthday

so today i turn 26, and although the him is dead-set on me being in my 'late 20s' now and no longer in my 'mid-20s,' i disagree. i contend that the years from 24-26 are mid-20s, and after that is late 20s. i did have to concede i'm closer to 30 than 20, but i'm ok with that. i don't wish i was 20 again.

yesterday we had a birthday/office business dinner here at the roundup, with barbecue and chocolate cake. it was quite good, and coworker t even got to come down from the ranch where she lives at kaycee. and i even have a nice gift card from them now, the visa kind you can use anywhere, that i'm taking to cody this weekend.

yes, valentine's day this year will be celebrated with the him in cody with a wonderful retired couple named marvin and janey. even their names are endearing. they're long-time friends of the martinez family. tomorrow i head to riverton for work, then to lander for an evening spent with sister m, and the him will join us there. early saturday we're heading to cody to shop for tack, visit and do whatever we feel like before coming back to casper sometime sunday.

and he's driving and paying and taking care of everything. it's good to be spoiled.

what are your valentine's plans?

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