Thursday, February 25

the new kid

today is lucy's second full day in the office, and she continues to mostly sleep and play a little. she's already catching on to going outside to relieve herself, and i've had to swat her for tugging on the plant vine already. she likes to grab a hold and yank on things.

she's pretty quiet most of the night, waking up at 4:30 to pee. the first night she went in her kennel, but this morning she desperately wanted out and couldn't hold it any longer than it took for her to run out her door. the next thing is getting her to catch on to only going outside, but i think it'll happen soon enough.

sometime within the next week i need to get her in to the vet to get her shots. right now i'm scared to let her out at the horses because of friend's puppy that died recently and suddenly from parvo. it hasn't been very nice, and deep snow anyway.

meanwhile, she's milking the 'baby' thing for all it's worth, living in the lap of luxury. literally.

the resident cats continue to be skeptical, and i'm not sure they're sure she's a dog. no hostility from their end - yet, anyway.

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