Monday, February 15

random things

"a reflection of a life well lived over time" - a quote from the pioneer woman's blog, in the home and garden section. her friend hyacinth, who just redecorated her living room, was talking about her decorating philosophy, which i happen to agree with. read the post here.

and another unrelated topic: paychecks. my mid-feb paycheck hit my bank account saturday at XXXXXX amount. then i paid a bill and it was XXXXX amount. then i got my utility bills in the mail and it's XXXX amount. then i paid my student loan, XXX left. then i bought some boots on sale on my recent trip to cody with the him, and it was XX. then i just remembered i still need to pay horse board for february, and it's X. i have one X to live on until march 1. i hate money and bank accounts and bills and being responsible with my funds. but then i think about it again, and it's a challenge, and it's rewarding when you master it and know you're independent and free and can pay your own way in the world.

and back to the student loan thing, it's nice to know that i'm paying that back - almost done!!!! - with a job i obtained because of my education. makes all that money seem worthwhile, apart from the great fun and experiences that were had on the iowa state university campus. this is central campus - always gorgeous in any season, and especially autumn. i'm going to take the him to ames when we visit iowa over july 4th this summer.

photos to come later from the birthday/valentine weekend trip through riverton, lander and cody.

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