Tuesday, March 16


well, yesterday afternoon i went to see the banker and was told i need a tidy sum of money for a down payment on the lincoln house. however, this difference between what i have and what i need is less than the federal tax credit currently offered. i can file that with my 2009 taxes, so i've proposed a loan to my dad, and we'll see if they'll be kind enough to loan me some money for a few months. although, technically, the banker can't know it's a 'loan,' because on the application it has to show up as 'gift money.'

otherwise, just working on filling 28 pages this week. i've got quite a few various articles going on at this point.

little puppy lucy had a great time out at the horse barn last night. she's coming along really well, and is pretty responsive to basic voice commands. she doesn't have a long enough attention span to 'sit' yet, but we're working on 'stay,' as in 'stay over there on the towel on the passenger seat and don't come onto my lap because your paws are full of horse manure.' she's also pretty good at coming when called, and following me around, like when we're doing horse chores. sometimes she has lapses.... yesterday morning she had a puppy dilemma when we were walking into the office and i was telling her to follow but the poor girl really needed to relieve herself before coming inside. that put her out of sorts for a few hours. 

last night was elk steak marinated 24 hours in italian dressing, green beans and whole wheat rolls. the elk was really good - i grilled it on the small grill that roommate a left on my patio. last time i fixed elk it was under the broiler, and it wasn't nearly as moist and tender when done. this time around it wasn't gamey at all with the grill and marinade. def worth doing again.

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