Thursday, March 25


so inspections were at 1 p.m., and everything went smoothly. we had the sewer, electric, plumbing, heating and bug inspectors come, and none of them raised any major concerns. my realtor says the roof guy already looked at it, and he said it was good to go, which suprised me.

i took lucy with so she could give the place her stamp of approval, and coworker jody also came along to take a look, since she hadn't been there yet. we talked about all the possibilities there are for planting flowers and shrubs and big pots of flowers in the front yard. she's concerned about getting the right protectant on the deck, which is valid. the top of it's painted the same green as the trim, it's just the horizontal sides that would need a coating to spruce them up.

so anyway, the next step is getting with the closing agent to go over the inspections and decide if i'll ask the seller for any improvements finished before i move in.

i'm still very excited about the kitchen. and the wood floors in the open living/dining rooms and the bedroom.

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