Monday, March 29

march 27

so this was the march 27 paper. after much phone calls, interviews and writing all week long, we got it filled, and with just about everything put together ourselves.

our first deadline for last week was for the midland bull test performance edition - the cover of it's posted there in the lower right corner, our 5 spot. most of it was filled by the results of the top bulls on test from 10 breeds, but it still took more articles to fill than i thought it might. or hoped it would.

after we finished the six articles for that one we had to write to fill the 20 pages on the regular one, and it was what we call a 'loose' 20 pages, because it didn't have as high of a percentage of advertising, which means there was more space editorial content had to fill. i think i ended up with 10 articles before it was all said and done. :-P

this week's cover featured new wind development 'best management practices' recommendations from the wyoming game and fish dept, which have upset private landowners. i also wrote the one about the funding coming out of d.c. as incentives to private landowners to enhance sage grouse habitat, as well as the article on the 2010 beef ambassador, who is sponsored by the wyoming cattlewomen. the 5 spot is a summary of the midland bull test that i put together. assist editor h was really busy earlier in the week writing most of the midland articles, so in the regular weekly she only had the one cover article in the 2 spot, about how cattlemen changed their cattle management practices from open range year-round to a fenced situation, with hay fed in the winter. the print of the starving steer with wolves in the background relates, because now-famed western artist cm russell painted that during the tough winter that shifted how cattle are produced in wyoming.

this week's cover spot will probably feature an article and photos by my sister m. she went to a miniature bull riding event in lander on saturday - yes, it features miniature brahma bulls and young kids competing against each other. and yes, there's now a circuit and regionals and national championship. i'm hoping she got some great photos, because an event like that has a lot of potential.

otherwise we're 20 pages again this week, and that includes two full-page ads from the pathfinder wind people. but, i've learned not to make the mistake of being optimistic and thinking it'll be easy to fill papers. if i am, then i end up way behind on about wednesday evening.

next week is our annual spring planting edition, and one that i need to get a head start on because it's a short work week for me. taking thursday and friday off to travel to pocatello, idaho to the dodge national circuit finals rodeo with the him, brother b and becky. we're driving over on thursday and coming back to town on sunday. it should be a lot of fun, and i look forward to taking a lot of photos. i've only been a few miles into idaho once. because of the house-buying foray, i won't be able to buy a lot at the wonderful trade show and tack shops, but i do plan my one purchase to be a nice set of spur straps for my new spurs.

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