Friday, March 19

under contract

sooo.... that little yellow house on lincoln?

i bought it.

well, tentatively. pending several inspections and approval from my dad. he's very concerned that i can't afford this, and he wants final approval, so it's in the contract that he has to approve it before april 7, and i guess that means he's planning a trip out here. 

although i'm scared spitless and nervous about taking on such a big responsibility, i'm ready for it. and way ready to move out of this apt. i was ready to move out of it a year ago, and for sure before this winter started.

i'm tired of leaving the office every weekday and coming home and trying to park my big truck in a line of cars like i'm at walmart or something. i'm tired of hearing people walk up and down the stairs just outside my bedroom wall. i'm tired of people walking in the apt next to mine, and me thinking they're going to walk right in my door instead. i'm tired of the college kid upstairs who plays his music and movies loud, and i'm tired of not having a good place to let my dog out. and i'm tired of getting my mail with a key out of a conglomeration of mailboxes. at least i did finally get myself a washer and dryer. hauling my laundry up to the communal machines by the office was a pain, esp in winter.

anyway, the point is that nearly four years in a small apt, when one is not in college, is more than enough. i guess that was my main motivation for buying this house. and, i'm almost paying my mortgage payment in rent already, and i'm in time to get the $8,000 credit from the feds. and, this house is set up perfect for leasing the living room, bed room and bathroom downstairs. and it's a mere four blocks for the college, so that should be easy.

that, and it has tons of character with the architectural detail on the exterior and the wood floors with brick detail inside. that, and the lady that owns has taste pretty close to mine, except she obviously was a fan of wallpaper borders, and i am not.

i'm already making plans for planting daffodil bulbs in the flowerbeds.

and cupboards!!! there are double the cupboards in the kitchen than i have now! i'll be able to spread out all my cooking pots and dishes and utensils and the counter space is fabulous, and there are two windows in the kitchen - one facing east and one facing south above the sink, so there's plenty of natural light.

and i'll have a silverware drawer!! it's the simple things that please me. :-)

i told the him that i was going to get my stash of boxes - which i've collected and saved for such a time as this - and start packing. he said i shouldn't get ahead of myself. :-) at least he's around to be a voice of reason. and you know what else he said?

"you'll have to get more furniture to fill the space in that house" ........ he looks around my apt ........... "on second thought, i think you probably already have enough in here to get it done"

what can i say, i love used furniture with character, and i can't resist purchasing a good deal that i know will be useful and perfect later on.

right now the laundry room is pretty unfinished, but there's extra space in there, so maybe i could clean it up a little bit and have it be my sewing/project room as well. i've always wanted a place where i could leave everything set up, because now when i have things to work on, my dining room table is the only place and i hate leaving it all strewn about.

so anyway, now you're up to speed. today i need to get house insurance quotes, and get my banker the last of the requested documents..... i know i save all my W2's, i just hope they're where I think they are.

and, in the midst of this, assist editor h and i successfully filled 28 pages of newspaper this week. you'd think i could pick a simpler time to purchase a house!!!


  1. Congrats, I hope it all works out! It's definitely nice to have a house you can do whatever you want with. And yours is almost 100 years old - cool! However, I do still have to get my mail with a key from a box with several other mailboxes - that's how they do the mail in neighborhoods around here ;-).

  2. Yay!!! Congrats, lady :) I'm glad that it's yellow.

    And I, for one, will live in an apartment forever, haha. I'm pretty convinced of that at this point :)