Tuesday, May 25

an alternator and orin junction

yesterday i didn't have a whole lot of free time to post anything. the day started out sunny, and even a rainbow on the way to work, and i stopped at metro coffee downtown for a latte on my way to the office. soon the tone of the weather changed, however, and before we knew it we were in a downpour and by early afternoon it was snowing here in casper.

i spent the morning making phone calls and gathering notes for this week's paper and left the office shortly after 1 because i was headed to wheatland for an evening meeting at six o'clock - it takes a good hour and a half to get there. i spent my few free hours sweeping and washing my bathroom and kitchen floors and other various clean-up projects in the house, and visited with a soap salesman that i sent away empty-handed, then i made some coffee, grabbed the chocolate turtles scott's brother jay gave me, fueled up the blazer and was headed east down i-25.

as i was driving along it was still raining a bit, and i thought it odd that the windshield wipers seemed to be running in slow motion. no sooner was i puzzling over that a few miles south of douglas - halfway into the drive - when i looked down and my speedometer said i was going 85, even though i'd had it set at about 77. interstate speed limit is 75 in wyoming. then before i knew it the white roundupmobile was sputtering and lurching and i luckily i was near enough to coast up the off-ramp at a place called orin junction, which has a rest area, a gas station down the road and is the road to lusk on the state's eastern border.

so there i was, enjoying a beautiful view of clouds breaking up over laramie peak, but not going anywhere. i called scott first - he was in rocky mountain sports doing something with a pistol. i tell you what - those boys are always trading, buying or doing something with their firearms - and got a hold of him shortly and he was soon on his way to get me. meanwhile, he called his sister, who lives in douglas with their mom, and his sister called a wrecker that she knew - a nice guy named carlos - and his mom got on her way down to the junction to pick me up. i'm thankful for surrogate family here in wyoming :-) i was only about 20 minutes south of douglas, so it wasn't long before shirley and i were headed back, and we met up with scott at the house there in town, had some dinner and visited for a while before heading back to casper.

meanwhile, the 6 o'clock meeting the governor was holding about wind energy development went by the wayside, and i can't say that i was heartbroken...

we got back to town about 9, and scott was taking me back to my house, when both of us realized it would be a good idea to pick up my truck first so i had something to drive to work this morning.

and! on the way back to the house i stopped to deposit the sizable check that aspen court apartments mailed to me to refund my rental deposit! i was very excited to get that, as it was completely unexpected.

so, here we are starting on another day. assist editor h is at home helping out her family today, i will just work more on the paper, and the blazer will be fixed in douglas and we'll go pick it up whenever it's done. i never cared much for that vehicle anyway.... maybe publisher d will trade it off.

at least it's sunny today, and it's supposed to be 64, so hopefully that means no more snow! casper mountain got quite a bit yesterday, and is all white and pretty again.

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