Wednesday, May 19

bathroom theme plans

several years ago i flew into boston, mass. to meet up with my sister, who was living in new hampshire at the time, and my mom and three friends who flew in from iowa. the purpose of our trip was to drive into canada to visit prince edward island and see for ourselves the inspiration for the 'anne of green gables' book series.

although our travels were early in the season, and it was rainy and chilly on the island for most of our time there, it was a memorable trip and definitely worth the effort and expense to get there. my one-way ticket to boston took me from casper to salt lake, to phoenix and then to boston. i guess that's not a popular destination from casper. :-P the ticket was one-way, because my sister was moving from new hampshire to wyoming immediately following the trip, so i drove 3/4 of the way back across the country to get home, in her bronco and hauling her mare, with a few-day stop in iowa on the way. that was quite the haul.

anyway, my photos and maps and other memorabilia from the island are still languishing in my files and collection boxes, and i have plans to redecorate my upstairs bathroom with an island/lighthouse theme using my souvenirs. the bathroom really needs and update, and as it's immediately visible from the rest of the upstairs living space, i'd like to spruce it up. i like small spaces painted in bold colors, so i'm thinking blue. that would coordinate with my mustard yellow walls in the front room, and it will tie in with the ocean colors of my photos.

this is my favorite from the trip, and one i plan to make center stage in the bathroom:

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