Saturday, May 22

sunny saturday

today is a bright sunny saturday - i opened the windows in my kitchen for the first time today, and it's quite nice, with lots of birds in the trees outside.

organizing the house continues to move little by little. i found a couple new lamp shades at ross - the old ones i had on my floor lamp and another lamp were too yellow to use against the yellow wall. the rug i braided a couple winters ago coordinates perfectly in this space in the front room, which will hold a cozy wood stove before winter comes again.

the dining area is still a blank slate - but better than the slate full of stacks and piles and boxes that it was for a while! i still haven't decided if i'll keep the trunk as bench as seating along that one side, but i've always been attracted to banquettes, and it kind of makes a makeshift one, if i maybe put some flat cushions along the back or something. the chairs at the head and foot of the table are the ones that came with the drop leaf table from salvation army.

the tv area remains cozy, and is where i spend most of my chilling time, and where i'm sitting at the moment. in the evenings the sun shines in those west windows and it's really quite nice. i love the pair of white lamps that were an odds and ends find some time ago when i was still in the apartment that were waiting for their perfect places.

i had closed the closet door in the corner of the tv space for the picture, only to open it back up to put something in there and find lexus in her new bed. she was a little perturbed that i turned the light on, and she doesn't like pictures in the first place.

i'm still enjoying the tulips.

this is my morning project. scott went with me push-reel-lawn-mower shopping last night after work, and he said this one must be the best after he saw the brand name. oh! along withe the push-reel-lawn-mower (i never knew what they were officially called before) i found the greatest big galvanized tin tub on sale in the same aisle at home depot. i was good and only bought one. :-) i'm thinking it's going to be the container for the garden on the big stump out in the street corner of my yard.

my kitchen was so bright and cheerful this morning that it inspired me to bake. roommate a had left a collection of pantry items behind, and this oatmeal muffin mix was one of those items. the lobster mug is a souvenir from the prince edward island trip.

scott bought this fruit and left it at my house several days ago, and it's getting a little soft, so i decided to add some of them to the muffins.

they're a cross between apricots and plums, and actually pretty good. very juicy.

then i decided to add some walnuts, too.

they turned out really good, and fairly nutritious with the fruit and nuts added to them. the box said six servings, but with the extra ingredients mine ended up with nine.

and if you're squeamish, don't look, but the bruise on my leg from last sunday's fiasco continues to amaze me:

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