Thursday, July 29

purchase of the week

my incredible deal of the week is $40 worth of flowers for $10 from galles greenhouse here in town.

some time ago the local radio station started this new 'seize the deal' thing, where if you get online and a certain amount of people sign up, you can get 50 percent off of things from different businesses in town. the radio ad is actually really irritating, but there are a couple that have tempted me enough to purchase a coupon.

so i walked into galles this week, and all their perennials were 50 percent off, so it was great. i picked out a few things and needed to go back and get more, so i ended up with two big strawflowers, a different variety of gernaium, two red pansies and an african impatien, i think it's called, all for $10!

one of the empty pots in the photo above is where my dahlia was. i tried to keep it alive, but it wasn't happenin. the other pot has been empty since i cut the dead succulent of roommate a's out of it.

i really like strawflowers. they're so bright and colorful.

the dogs were upset i put them inside because they kept going to visit the neighbors and i was trying to talk on the phone with my mom.

so now my front yard has a mid-summer freshening of my containers.

the impatien.

the geranium.

and the front steps. i love having so many flowers around.

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