Wednesday, July 7

return to wyoming

we're back in wyoming from our iowa trip! i intended to write a post or two while we were there, but ended up with absolutely no extra time. it was a very busy trip, and i'm very busy now getting caught up on this week's paper, but i wanted to at least throw something up on here.

this is the new shed/shop for equipment at what we call the ruby farm near the little town of williams. the shell was just put up, and it's awaiting a heated concrete floor for the shop area, and well as half the doors. on monday, july 5 a large group of family and the surrounding community was gathered at the farm for our bbq and the fireworks, and it was raining - again - so we moved the grill and everybody under the roof. because of the previous day's rain, the unfinished ground around it was quite saturated, so the extra lumber was put down for the single-file pathway in and out of the shed. the white van is my mom's catering vehicle, and everyone helped carry stuff across the mud, single file like little ants.

turns out, the rain cleared and the clouds lifted enough to set off the fireworks by dark, and a good time was had by all. i will try to post more photos later.

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