Monday, August 9

lazy days of summer?

well, i can tell you that i haven't had a lazy day yet this summer. our weekend at pathfinder days went well, with scott and myself only coming off each of our horses once. :-)

this is a short week for me, as i have to run to alcova for an interview in a few minutes, then tomorrow morning out for coworker paula's daughter's senior pictures - heather's taking them, and she's using one of my horses for a few of them, then shoes all the way around for jazz for our pack trip. wednesday i'm in the office to finish up writing and organizing the paper, then thursday bright and early i leave to meet my sister in lander for a pack trip through the next monday.

i'm tired already! but the pack trip will be relaxing, through gorgeous country in the northern wind river mountains. lucy gets to come along, and hopefully it's not too cold! it was quite nippy last year, but we went in september, but the high temps in dubois during that time are only supposed to be in the 70s, so it'll be even colder in the high country.

heather was the official photographer for pathfinder, so hopefully i will be able to share some photos of the events of the day.

for now, i have to go interview some people who grow famous sweet corn at alcova.

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