Thursday, August 19

sorry, people

i know it's been a while since i've posted. hey, we made it out from the pack trip mostly unharmed! just a few sore puppy paws and horse shoulders, but all in all it went right along just fine.

(this post started on wednesday, now thursday morning, that's how crazy things are here)

here's just a few of the pack trip photos, until i have time to resize and post more:

this was the second morning of our trip, on top of the pass - i forget its name - before riding south and dropping down into that drainage behind us - the dinwoody, named after a large glacier that feeds the wonderfully blue-green creek that meanders through the valley.

i took jazz with me on this trip, as it was very rocky and technical, and i try to spare april from such things anymore, as she is getting advanced in age at 17 years and has never been very nimble or level-headed, anyway.

jazz did very well, patiently navigating the rocks and paying attention to where her feet were and not panicking when she slipped. she did get quite sore by monday morning, and i was glad we had a short three-mile ride out. now she's recuperating in the pasture, and it will be mid-september before i use her again, as my weekends are busy with other activities until then.

this was morning two, after we'd ridden in, almost to the head of the dinwoody drainage. that's gannet peak in the background, to the right, with the snow on top. it's the highest point in wyoming, beating out the grand teton by a mere 80 feet. it was gorgeous up there! we tried to ride in to see the dinwoody glacier, but beyond a certain point the trail isn't maintained for stock, and it was too washed out and too many overhanging branches. worth the ride up there, nonetheless.

yesterday was spent at state fair, and the fair concert last night, which was locash cowboys and joe diffie, and today will be dedicated to finishing up all that coverage, so maybe i will post more photos tonight? tomorrow morning? i will try.

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