Tuesday, August 3

talk about service

this mother duck and her ducklings stole the 'most photogenic' title when i was at the association stock pond a few days ago, but these others were also very interesting, and the parents of these two ducklings were working very hard:

i didn't realize what they were doing until i watched them more closely. the two adults were diving to the bottom of the pond and picking up worms? grass? bugs? i'm not sure what they had in their beaks when they came back up, but time and again they surfaced and dutifully fed their ducklings.

and they'd hand off the food and down they went again, while the ducklings just sat there like they were entitled.


do you suppose each adult had an assigned duckling to make sure they both got the same amount?

do they do this all day long? or do the adults finally say enough? do the ducklings ever refuse the food?

after sitting there several minutes snapping pictures, they showed no signs of stopping. and i bet if i went out there again this morning, they'd probably still be there in the same routine! it's a curious world, that world of ducks.

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