Saturday, September 25

a drive to greybull

well, just made it back to town from the journey to greybull, which took four hours each way. on the way up we went the usual way through shoshoni and thermopolis, and on the way back we went through ten sleep and over the big horns to buffalo. while we were up there - publisher dennis and i - we stopped to take some photos of the aspens, which are in full color these days.

i met dennis at 6:30, and now it's six, so that took just about 12 hours. the funeral and lunch lasted two, and it was good that we went. now i'm headed to gather up some hunting clothes and head back to the ranch tonight. just talked to becky, and the guys are still working calves, so they're all going to be in great moods. :-) to put that in perspective, becky was told to have dinner ready at three....

but, becky says lucy worked great for scott today while gathering cows! i was very happy to hear that.

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