Thursday, September 16

mid-week happenings

let 'er buck!

as the slogan in pendleton so frequently says.

yesterday i headed down to pendleton mid-morning in the expectation of meeting up with wyoming competitors, but apparently they felt like snubbing me, as they never returned my phone calls, so instead i watched part of the early afternoon performance and did a little shopping. much more fun use of time, anyway!

the things i picked up were a large brown leather bag with a gold felt bucking horse stitched on the side - makes for a little more glamorous camera bag when i'm traveling light. i also picked up a gift for scott, which we will pick up this evening after i get him from the airport, it had to be custom-made. and then i found a living room-sized rug! now, these are usually pretty pricey, and i wasn't planning on purchasing one, but turns out the one i liked best was marked down over 50 percent off, so i went for it. the green rug in front of my couch won't last forever, as the dogs are dethreading it gradually - so the new, higher quality rug will go in that place. it's being shipped to casper.

then i hit the hall of fame gift shop, picking up a pendleton roundup cap and assortment of goodies to bring back to my fellow coworkers. at another booth i was tempted by a framed print that, instead of saying 'let 'er buck,' said 'better luck' and had a drawing of the pendleton cowboy on the ground beneath his bucking horse. i might still have to go back and get that one.... i haven't gone to the woolen mills yet, as i was waiting for scott to make that trip, and also to visit the 'world famous' let 'er buck room beneath the grandstands.

i came back to walla walla before the performance was over, as i wanted to get to work on some things for the weekly paper, and today i've also spent working on the paper, getting things together for fall cattlemen's edition, which is due next friday.

but, for now, i'm off to pasco to get scott at the airport! friends buck and shelly will arrive later this evening. it will be very fun to have company to wander around with!

and... justin johnson just called me back, and i told him he was sol, as i couldn't get down there to talk to him in time to get it in the paper. rodeo cowboys, anyway. and team ropers, no less!

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