Tuesday, September 7

labor day 2010

we enjoyed our labor day three-day weekend, which was filled with happy hour and an abrupt move friday night for becky's daughter, a trip to meeteetse to help friends buck and shelly with the 98th annual meeteetse labor day rodeo and a visit to cody for lunch with friends marvin and janey at buffalo bill's irma hotel. sprinkled in there were horses and cowobys, country music and dancing, a little pendleton whiskey, a wall tent and a bedroll and several hazelnut lattes and plenty of black coffee. oh, and lots of congratulations on our engagement. :-)

now it's back to work with a short week on both ends. the task is to get the roundup's university of wyoming edition ready to go. then a trip to cheyenne for work friday afternoon/evening, and leaving for pendleton next sunday!

relaxing sunday afternoon after getting back from cody and before heading the few miles back into meeteetse to join the festivities.

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