Monday, September 13

what i do when i'm out of the office, but at work

since 8 this morning i've been in the public lands council meeting, listening in on all the issues and discussion, which mostly related to onerous federal regulations these days. so far i count eight people in attendance from wyoming, which is a good number, considering the distance. i knew them all previously, and have visited with all of them and shared lunch with most.

i've also visited with a ranch wife from north dakota, who drove 17 hours with her husband, a past president of plc, to get here. on my way in this morning i chatted with an oregon cattleman, who was here for the oregon cattlemen's meeting this morning. he'd never been to wyoming, but is going to the afton area to hunt elk in a few weeks.

topics of discussion today, straight off the agenda, have been: Legislative/Administrative Issues, U.S. Forest Service Briefing, Wild Horse & Burro, Washington Update, and Lunch! can't forget that one. this afternoon we have Wolf Issues, Sage Grouse Initiative and others. the topic titles might sound dry, but really, they're not bad, and some of them are downright interesting. it's interesting to hear what's different from wyoming, and what's the same. right now he's talking about sage grouse in oregon. sound familiar? i think they're also more interesting, since most of them i know pretty detailed background on, so i understand why they're important. it's my job.

tonight we're all going to hamley steakhouse for dinner, which is a new addition to the hamley saddlery, a historic saddlemaker here in pendleton. so i'm going to tool around a little bit in downtown, scoping out the place, then head to my hotel in walla walla, where i will stay the rest of the week. hopefully it's easier to find than pasco's holiday inn express!

oh, the artwork above is a 3-D wood wall hanging in pendleton's red lion hotel, where the meeting is being held. it's probably 12 feet wide, but i like it, and i'd hang it in my house if my house was big enough.

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