Friday, October 22

3:15 on a Friday afternoon

The weekend is (almost) at hand!

Just Miranda Lambert and Brad Paisley keeping me company here at the office, and I'm ok with that. Scott stopped by earlier, just before he left town with Bob for their elk hunting. What am I going to do tonight? I don't know! And it's wonderful. :-) The first year I moved to Wyoming, I had something scheduled on maybe one weekend out of six months. I'm not sure when that changed, but it sure has. I think it had something to do with Scott, and all the interesting things he does,

I've been dreaming all week about what I want to do this weekend, with just me and Link, Lexus, Lucy and Foxy at the house. Here are some ideas:

- Hook up the blueray player to my router and see if I really can get Netflix to play on my TV, and if it's simple to do.

- Make top-down roman shades for the west living room windows.

- Purchase and install shelving for the basement so I can organize the random odds and ends that are languishing.

- Purchase a tall step ladder or extension ladder to clean the gutters on the house before snow-time.

- While I'm up there at roof-level, hang Christmas lights from the eves while it's still gorgeous outside.

- Take the dogs and wander around the neighborhood with my camera to photograph the amazing leaves that are still lingering.

- Go to the Macy's one-day sale with my gift card.

- Visit Odds and Ends - it's been too long since I've scoped out the used furniture.

- Go to the Beacon with friend Jamie one of these nights.

- See if there's anything inspiring at Ross.

- Clean the downstairs bathroom - it's been a while!! Scott would be impressed.

- Sleep in. Past 5 a.m. Even on the weekends, Scott wakes up at 5 or earlier and starts chit-chatting. Needless to say, he doesn't get much response.

- Replace the glow plugs in my car.

- Replace the headlight in my car.

- Wash my car.

- Go crazy and clean out the inside of my car. And wash my truck. And clean the inside of my truck.

- Take in the plants I want to save from frost. Including a few of the herbs. My parsley still looks amazing.

- Go to Hancock Fabrics and check out their sales this weekend. They have burlap discounted!

- Visit the library's annual fall used book sale for some colorful, worn hardbacks to add to my bookshelves.

- Drink large amounts of black coffee with a splash of milk.

- Go to Highland Park.

- Sweep the leaves out of the patio so it's ready to stack firewood.

- Take the Prince Edward Island prints to Hobby Lobby to find frames and mattes.

- Tear the carpet off the lower half of the basement steps.

- Find narrow shelving to hang in the hall upstairs to display Scott's collection of shot glasses.

- Hang the Awdad head. Or however you spell that creature's name. At least he looks cool. :-)

- Address and mail some more wedding party invites.

- I'm getting the idea that this list could be endless.... Here's to being productive and not wasting my precious free weekend.

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