Wednesday, October 27

if hampton inn wins most inviting bedding...

.... then hilton garden inn wins best shower.

there are glass doors, and the towels are in the shower!

their kitchenette wins good points, too.

once again, this is my evening. was in the water association meeting all day, and have started putting the finishing touches on this week's editorial. obviously, i needed a little break, and thus this post. :-)

this is my dinner, from the next door eatery, mcalister's. chilli and half a sandwich. mcalister's is also where i'm meeting friend judy rogers for lunch tomorrow.

laramie is a college town. the state's only university is located here, and the football stadium is not far from my hotel window.

it's interesting, being in a college town again. being in my day-to-day routine of managing the details of the newspaper, working on my house, spending time with scott, being up at the ranch and elsewhere in the state, college is a distant memory. so it's interesting, watching the college kids.

so that's all i'm up to. scott says my new social security card came in the mail today, and along with lunch tomorrow i'll probably meet judy again in the evening at the cowboy bar - apparently a friend of hers is playing music there.

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  1. I love the self portrait! When I went to the Anne Graham Lotz conference, we stayed in a boutique Holiday Inn Suite in WDSM which had a shower just like that & a rain shower head. I only wish I had remembered to bring my camera & take photos the way PW does when she travels. The bed linens were to die for too. The lobby & restaurant were chic.