Friday, October 1

just a break for lunch

well, here it is friday and i haven't posted since monday! really, all i've been doing is working, and being sick, this week.

so, for lack of any recently downloaded photos from my little red camera, here's the cover of the paper this week. yesterday it was decided that we needed to add four pages to it, so that meant i spent yesterday afternoon writing three more articles to fill it. thank goodness for leftover notes from meetings past! i pulled one article from the stock growers' meeting last june, and another from a wyoming business council workshop in august. never throw away notes!

the cover photo for this week is the one i took coming over powder river pass last saturday, when publisher dennis and i were on our way back from coworker jody's mother's funeral services. otherwise, i usually like to put at least two other secondary photos on the cover, but this week i was just too busy to put much thought into it, and i figured the bright gold trees were strong enough to carry it this week.

today is deadline for fall cattlemen's, so that's what i'm in the middle of. right now i took a quick break to walk the two blocks down to first street bakers for a lunch sandwich. the conveniences of working near downtown! i have most all the files in for cattlemen's, just waiting for a few odd photos and one more article yet from sister melissa - the one i set her on last-minute.

at least i feel pretty much over my cold. if my head still hurt today like it did the last two days, i'd really be having a tough time of it. i would have loved a nap yesterday afternoon, but alas, the blank holes in the weekly paper were calling my name.

tonight, when all this work is done, i am headed out for dinner at outback and a movie with my sweet husband, who asked at the week's beginning if i'd go on a date with him this evening. we've also accumulated a bit of funding as wedding gifts, and i think we're going to go look at a new tv - one of the previously decided items on our 'wedding wish list.' nothing big or fancy, just an upgrade from my freebie that has a discolored corner. :-) and perhaps an upgrade dvd player that can play netflix, as the one my brother gave me four years makes grinding and rubbing noises that sometimes rival the volume of the movie.... it's a wonder it still works!

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