Tuesday, October 26

snow on the mountain

from my office window i can see part of the mountain, and as of yesterday there are now a few inches of snow up there.

now, i've never been one to rush winter, but indian summer certainly did us justice this year, with a gorgeous slow fall, and now that we have the wood stove i'm anxious for cold snowy days so we can use it! i told scott that since it was snowing that meant it was time for christmas decorations!

yesterday scott took off work, and it was cold and dark and raining and i had to go to the office! he did come by and take me and his mother to lunch, though, so he kind of made up for it.

this morning was the first really chilly morning, and the link cat stepped outside and came right back in. he's not a cold-weather cat.

last night scott and i spent the evening watching dancing with the stars - my choice - and addressing, stuffing and labeling wedding party invites. i did part of my iowa list, and still have more names to think of, and then we have to chase down the rest of the addresses. but we've got a good start.

tonight i get to make dinner for bob and becky, who are coming into town. scott's going to pick up a load of firewood from trav's stockpile this evening, and he and bob will install the stove pipe. i guess they're not going to wait for the chimney sweep and will go ahead and fire it up. i'm ready to have a fire crackling in the front room!

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