Thursday, October 7


fall is a bad season. it's a bad season, because it's when all the western catalogs come in the mail.

coworker heather and i have been sharing the pain.

fall is when the clothing manufacturers lay out their new designs and tempt all who see. there have been several in the last couple days, and it's a good thing i'm still short spending cash from pendleton (or is it? maybe i shouldn't have spent so much there), otherwise i would have already done a little bit of clicking online and put a few orders in post-haste.

i already fell for these jeans and purchased them while in pendleton.

but not the hat. those fake, spray-painted, scrunched up straw hats are the bane of western fashion. why can't people wear decently-shaped, upstanding palm leaf or felt hats?

i very, extremely rarely purchase jeans at full price - i'm the kind who waits forever to find my perfect size and length on sale - but something came over me when scott and i were in the farm store in pendleton, while waiting around for our appointed wedding ceremony time. i purchased not only one, but two expensive pairs of jeans. this pair is by cowgirl tuff, the other pair is from my long-favorite jean and shirt brand, cruel girl.

i think i justify it by saying that, technically, they're work expenses, because i need to keep my wardrobe up for attending meetings and going out on interviews, right?

but, price aside, aren't they a fun pair of jeans? i couldn't resist them. there's another pair made by another company that has pistols on the pockets. i like to pair these with my black cruel girl shirt with the zebra-stripe snaps and my new pair of black purple-top nocona boots that has quickly become my favorite.

that catalogs that are my most recent wish books are from national roper supply and fort western.

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