Friday, November 12

the christmas horses

my christmas horses photo has become home decor!

way back last christmas morning i took that photo on my way into casper from the association to check the road conditions to iowa. i was trucking along in the snow, talking to my dad on the phone, when i had to stop at one of the cattle guards and take some photos of these guys. they're part of the bucking stock of the triple v rodeo company, and they were hanging out at the lower end of the association. few things are as pretty as colorful horses covered in snow. :-)

when i first put this photo on facebook, my cousin sarah said she liked it and asked for it, and last week she sent me this photo of their living room, with son asher as the model.

i'm flattered that they liked it enough to blow it up to that size and hang it in such a prominent spot in their home. i'm so glad she sent me the photo so i could see it.

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  1. I think you are becoming as famous as PW with your ranch photos. :)