Friday, November 5

johnson county

our next special edition is winter cattlemen's, and we're featuring johnson county for the 2011 edition. johnson county is just north of natrona county, where casper is, and the two main towns are buffalo and kaycee. heather has already made her first trip of interviews up there.

this is a photo that heather recently posted on her blog, double h photo. it would have made an excellent fall cattlemen's photo! i love the orange/gold color. that's the problem with the publishing business.... everything has to be done way ahead of time. i guess if we really wanted to get on the ball, we'd do these editions a year in advance, like some magazines do. but, then we'd lose the current feeling of the articles. so i spose we'll just go ahead with summer-looking fall cattlemen's and fall-looking winter cattlemen's.

it doesn't help that our snow is extremely late coming this year, but heather did also get this photo, with a dusting of snow on the peaks of the big horns. hopefully we'll get a little bit of weather coming through for photos before our deadline, which is dec. 10.

since we had such a hard time getting people scheduled for interviews in fall cattlemen's in fremont county, we're trying to do a lot better with getting going on winter cattlemen's. this afternoon i've spent calling my list of people, and out of the 14 i did get a hold of four, and have them scheduled for next tuesday. hopefully i hear back from more over the weekend, in which case my trip will extend into wednesday. i will be ecstatic if i'm able to get eight interviews done. with more meetings coming up and the thanksgiving holiday with a shortened deadline that week, it would be great to know the bulk of interviews are done and in my files.

as far as i know, coworker jody has not yet started selling adds for winter cattle. it's great when we well a lot of advertising and generate a lot of income with these editions, but i'm also half hoping she doesn't sell as much so i don't have to worry as much about filling the extra pages with editorial! it's something that we can never plan for sure until the last few days when the whole thing falls together and designer tracy puts it together.

i dread the phone calls from tracy, telling me about the holes we have yet to fill. so, we just try to put more than enough articles on our list, and do about a half dozen more articles than i think we'll use, and that usually comes out about right.

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