Tuesday, November 23

latest mischief

This is what Scott and I have been up to lately - tormenting the dogs! Sunday afternoon we went to Big Lots for rawhide dog treats, and got to looking at the pet clothing.

Lucy looks like she's wearing a muscle shirt. She really wasn't thrilled, and it sure calmed her down because she didn't want to move with her sweater on.

Foxy's fit her a lot better. They didn't have any extra large, just large.

Her little scarf looks so festive. Alas, though, both of the sweaters will be returned to Big Lots, since Lucy's doesn't fit her. We thought it'd be funny to show up to Thanksgiving with clothes on them, but now I don't think we're taking them to Scott's mother's house in Douglas, anyway.

And Foxy has definitely become our spoiled dog, and she's really warmed up to the idea of being a lap dog. She likes to sleep on her back with her legs in the air. She's gotten to the point where she'll sit next to the couch with her chin on your leg and give you the eyes until you let her up on your lap.

I must say, Link does definitely disapprove of dogs being allowed on laps. And then if Foxy comes up, Lucy gets jealous and wants to come up, too. That is the zoo and circus that is our living area in the evenings. :-)

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