Tuesday, November 2

over the last few days

over the last few days, not much unusual has been going on. sleeping in saturday, traveling north to kaycee to get a bull calf, moving some cows sunday and working on the paper yesterday.

last night the pups and i took a long walk around the municipal golf course just a block south of our house, and it was a gorgeous warm sunny evening, for nov. 1. i took one of their rubber balls, and we played fetch along the way. they loved it, i loved it. scott had to work late, so he didn't get to join us. when scott got home we unloaded the second pickup load of firewood, and now there's quite the stack in our patio. it's a very satisfying feeling to lay in supplies for winter - if winter ever comes this year.

today is the day gale chimney service comes to the house to inspect our stovepipe and make sure we're good to go with the wood stove. after that appointment, and sending photos to farm bureau insurance so they know it's properly installed, we'll be free and clear to burn the house down.

and today is voting day! although i don't know much about the local elections like school board and county commissioners, i have strong opinions on the statewide races, and there's one candidate i really want to stay in her position - cynthia lummis, wyoming's only u.s. representative. i've worked with her a lot since her election, and she's intelligent and personable and stubborn, when it comes to working with the rest of the u.s. house.

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