Wednesday, November 3

so it begins

it's november, and that means i'm still trying to contain christmas decorating, for scott's sake. :-)

however, it's getting harder, as the daily emails from various websites are starting to come laden with christmas ideas, like the one above. i kind of like the gift-wrapped boxes idea. i have plans to put my tall, skinny artificial tree - which was so perfect in my apartment - on the front porch, strung with lights and a few securely attached ornaments. wrapping some boxes like these might also be fun - they say to put a brick in the bottom so they don't blow away. i wonder if i could find pretty vinyl or something that would coordinate, because paper- or fabric-wrapped cardboard boxes would not last long, the way it tends to snow and then all melt here in wyoming.

by the way, all these photos and inspirations are from - one of the best email newsletters i get.

i liked the way these indoor garlands go all the way to the ground - thinking of trying something like this on my bookcases that flank the wood stove. or maybe across the wood beam that separates the front room from the tv area. then, i could also hang christmas balls down out of the garland across the space. that would be very pretty, and i have no shortage of them.

i like this wreath with the wire-rimmed felt ribbon words. and the glittered chrysanthemums. i have a wreath that roommate amanda made that i will probably hand on the front door, but i could maybe put something like this on the gate to my patio.

speaking of patio, i think this is really pretty. maybe, once i get to redo the patio, i could do something like this. those are just net lights draped over the table, and i like the paper lanterns hanging from above. it looks very cozy, even though it's covered with snow. i could do something like this on my current table on the front porch, but i was considering moving it for the winter, to make space for the tree, etc.

and then, also for outside, i think this is a pretty idea for my front steps.

right now i have my christmas decorating planned for thanksgiving weekend. scott will be headed to thermopolis with bob to drop the heifer calves off at the feedlot for the winter, so i will have a chunk of time to work on things like this. i hope, before he leaves, that scott and i have a chance to go pick out a christmas tree together. i'm very much looking forward to having a real christmas tree again!

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